Eight Year Ban for Nine Years of Lying? Get Real.

Caricature of Lance Armstrong (photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey/flickr)

Caricature of Lance Armstrong (photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey/flickr)

With Lance Armstrong finally admitting to his history of doping, those  who defended him are starting to feel the consequences.  Rick Reilly discusses his own experience here.  And now, it’s up to the USADA to decide if Armstrong will be allowed to compete again.

Armstrong started all this with a simple denial back in 2004.  And yet, Armstrong feels he should get his lifetime ban reduced so he can compete again? Come on, man!  You lie through the teeth for nearly a decade and expect to be able to compete again just because you decided to tell the truth?

The worst part about all this is the millions of children who he crushed during the entire situation.  So many kids looked up to Armstrong and his cancer fighting foundation, Livestrong.  At least the foundation is out of his hands now and will be able to continue on helping fuel the fight against cancer and not have some phony as its face.


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