Pressure. Unbelievable Pressure.

University of Wyoming logo (photo courtesy of Alan Levine/flickr)

University of Wyoming logo (photo courtesy of Alan Levine/flickr)

We’ve all been there.  Our team has one last chance to win the game and the kicker is on the field.  Unbelievable pressure on that one man.  Nathan Noble is no stranger to pressure, though.

I commend his service for this country.  I thank him for it.  I commend his efforts for pursuing an education and wanting to walk on at Wyoming, but lets be honest.  Wyoming hasn’t been a powerhouse in college football for quite some time with only four winning seasons since 2000.  If you really want to try to make a name for yourself, go somewhere other than Wyoming.

And a kicker?  If you wanted to be the leader on the field, go with QB.  The kicker has a lot of pressure, but the kicker is definitely not the leader of a football team.  In Wyoming’s history, only one kicker has been drafted.  Good luck, Nathan.  At least you can deal with the pressure.


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  1. Nathan has proven to be a man who perseveres through adversity and is a man who I would want to be a kicker on my football team.

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