Kaepernicking: It’s Not the New Tebowing

Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick

Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick (photo courtesy of Mike (RMTip21)/flickr)

With the Super Bowl just hours away, it’s important for fans to get to know the story lines of the game.  Unfortunately, all that’s being publicized is the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis’ retirement and the rise of Colin Kaepernick.  For a look at some of the other stories surrounding the game look at J. Ryan Stradal’s article here.

Now, while I enjoy these big story lines, they’ve been beat to death and the game hasn’t even started.  On Twitter, #HarBowl is set to be trending topic and during the game, you can be sure the announcers will talk about this for quite awhile.  Ray Lewis will be the focus of discussion on the Raven’s side of the ball with this being his final NFL game.  And I’m tempted to press mute on the TV whenever one of these subjects comes up.

As for Colin Kaepernick, remember Tim Tebow and the “Tebowing” sensation.  Tebow led his team to the AFC divisional round (where they got killed by the Patriots), then got bumped to being a backup for a sub-par team in New York.  I’m not saying Kaepernick’s story will be exactly the same, but every Cinderella story has it’s end and for Colin Kaepernick, the story ends here.  Ray Lewis and the Ravens will be too much for this young QB to handle and soon, Kaepernick might just be a backup again.


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  1. Kaepernick did make a surprising run towards the end, enough to save his Tebow fate?

  2. It was a little disappointing for the media to only really talk about the Harbaugh brothers and Ray Lewis during the weeks leading to the Superbowl. There are so many other stories they could have mentioned as well.

  3. The Super Bowl is always full of surprises!

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