Blade Runner: Trigger Puller

By know, you’ve all heard the name Oscar Pistorius.  Like a bullet, his name came into the media when he became the first double amputee to compete at the Olympics.  And now, his name has pierced the media once again after the apparent murder of his girlfriend.  So, I decided to get to know a little bit more about this “Blade Runner.”  Amid all the controversy, I wanted to find out the real Oscar Pistorius and you can read about him here.

Before the Olympics, all that surrounded Pistorius was whether he had an advantage with his blades compared to human feet.  Now, he’s in the middle of controversy once again.  IS that what this guy thrives on or something?  Yeah, we get it.  You have no legs and that’s a big source of adversity, but seriously, controversy is not a good thing to have at the center of your life!  I hope this guy can learn that and hopefully just go out and run his races.  He’s a great athlete, but I’m done with hearing about all the controversy in his life, let’s see and focus on some accomplishment, people!


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