It’s Bear Season

Oklahoma State hosts Baylor Saturday night with ESPN College Gameday in town. (Photo courtesy of

Oklahoma State hosts Baylor Saturday night with ESPN College GameDay in town. (Photo courtesy of

Saturday is it.  The game of the year.  It’s time for us to show the nation what being a Cowboy is all about.  We get national coverage.  We get the best offense in the nation coming to town.  Let’s show ’em who we are.

Stillwater.  This is our town.  Art Briles thinks BPS won’t be much different from other venues Baylor has played at this season (Kansas and K-State).  Art Briles has never won in BPS.  Art Briles has never seen a SOLD OUT BPS.  This sea of orange is gonna be wavin’ all night long.

Oklahoma State.  This is our town.  This is our time.  It’s history in the making.  It’s Sanders, Pickens and Gundy.  It’s Pat Jones, Thomas, Gilbert and Moore.  It’s Weeden, Blackmon, Bryant and Lavey.  Barnett, Seales and Roland. It’s Robinson, Hargis and Chelf.  It’s me and you.  We’re a part of history.  Right here.  Right now.  It’s time to get Boone Pickens Stadium ROCKING!

Cowboy football.  This is our team.  This is America’s Brightest Orange.  This is bleeding orange.  This is living orange.  This is our community.  This is our family.  This is being loyal and true.  Ride with the Cowboys, Oklahoma State.  It’s time to go bear hunting!



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