Loyalties of the Marketer

As a marketer in today’s society, ethics constantly comes into play.  Kate Cooper (2014) discusses how marketers twist information and pictures so that people focus on certain things and push the truth to the back of their minds.  When marketers are working on a campaign, they have their values and principles to look at, but loyalties play a major role in deciding how to best market a product.

Above all, a marketer has the loyalty to him or herself (Christians, Fackler, Richardson, Kreshel, Woods, Jr., 2012).  If the marketer is not comfortable with the information in an ad, it would be difficult to release it.  Marketers have to find the line they personally will not cross and stick to it.  If other people make choices based on what the marketer produced, and the marketer does not believe what is in an advertisement, the marketer would not be able to truly justify the ad if questioned by the public.

Marketers also have a loyalty to their clients (Christians et al., 2012).  Whoever is asking for the ad expects a product that boosts their product and is effective in reaching the target demographic.  The food companies expect that the ads will not put them in a false light.

Finally, marketers have a loyalty to society (Christians, et al., 2012).  They have a responsibility to tell the truth in their ads.  As noted by Cooper in the video, marketers use colorful language to push the good aspects of farms and how food products are created rather than showing the real nature of the process.  Phrases such as “farm fresh” are technically true because the animals are from a farm, but the marketers do not show the bad aspects of these farms.  This fulfills both the loyalty to society to tell the truth, but also keeps the loyalty to the client intact because the public does not see the darker side of food production.

Reference List

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