Code of Ethics: Values

Values are what make up the bulk of any code of ethics.  A list of the values the organization holds most dear shows how their representatives will act and how they will interact with clients.  For my personal code of ethics, the most important values are transparency and loyalty.

Transparency means being honest with what you say.  It means putting all of the facts out at the beginning and not trying to hide behind anything.  Transparency is important to me because it encapsulates a lot of the other values that are in my code of ethics.  This value includes reporting everything fairly and accurately.  It needs to be clear enough for any reader to understand what is being said and needs to be reported fully.

Transparency also includes the issue of saying why certain decisions were made.  It is important that if there is a debate about a certain topic, that you are able to answer questions about why you chose to act the way you did.  If clients have concerns about how you went around a topic, you should have an ethical basis for your choice.

Loyalty is also a big value for me because of the breadth.  It includes loyalty to myself, loyalty to my peers, loyalty to clients and loyalty to society.  When making ethical decisions, I need to consider who I need to be most loyal to in that situation and help that guide my decision.  Loyalty is important to me in personal relationships so it makes sense that it would also be a top priority in my professional life as well.


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