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Blade Runner: Trigger Puller

By know, you’ve all heard the name Oscar Pistorius.  Like a bullet, his name came into the media when he became the first double amputee to compete at the Olympics.  And now, his name has pierced the media once again after the apparent murder of his girlfriend.  So, I decided to get to know a little bit more about this “Blade Runner.”  Amid all the controversy, I wanted to find out the real Oscar Pistorius and you can read about him here.

Before the Olympics, all that surrounded Pistorius was whether he had an advantage with his blades compared to human feet.  Now, he’s in the middle of controversy once again.  IS that what this guy thrives on or something?  Yeah, we get it.  You have no legs and that’s a big source of adversity, but seriously, controversy is not a good thing to have at the center of your life!  I hope this guy can learn that and hopefully just go out and run his races.  He’s a great athlete, but I’m done with hearing about all the controversy in his life, let’s see and focus on some accomplishment, people!

Learning the Game: Basketball with Tyler Phipps

In this week’s episode, Learning the Game explores the world of basketball with referee Tyler Phipps.  The duties of a referee, how they interact with coaches and one of the most disputed calls is discussed during the podcast.

Forget Allowance—Just Get Off Facebook.

One girl is getting $200 for staying off Facebook. I would "like" getting paid, too, if I could. (photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee/flickr)

One girl is getting $200 for staying off Facebook. I would “like” getting paid, too, if I could. (photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee/flickr)

Have you heard about the 12-year-old girl who made a deal with her dad to get $200 dollars if she stayed off of Facebook for five months?  If not, check out the Los Angeles Times article.  If you have, you’re probably thinking one of two things.  Either one: why didn’t I think of that? Or two: I could be rich if I were this girl.

I’d get off of Facebook right now and start banking in the cash if I could.  Facebook is a great way to stay connected, but it’s definitely starting to get to be boring and will stay that way until it starts to make some major changes.  And for five months?  You can survive with a smart phone for five months.  Maybe we should all get off Facebook for five months.  Get outside. Grab pen and paper and write a letter to stay connected.  And hey, if you can make a deal with your dad, maybe you can get $200.

Kaepernicking: It’s Not the New Tebowing

Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick

Ray Lewis and Colin Kaepernick (photo courtesy of Mike (RMTip21)/flickr)

With the Super Bowl just hours away, it’s important for fans to get to know the story lines of the game.  Unfortunately, all that’s being publicized is the Harbaugh brothers, Ray Lewis’ retirement and the rise of Colin Kaepernick.  For a look at some of the other stories surrounding the game look at J. Ryan Stradal’s article here.

Now, while I enjoy these big story lines, they’ve been beat to death and the game hasn’t even started.  On Twitter, #HarBowl is set to be trending topic and during the game, you can be sure the announcers will talk about this for quite awhile.  Ray Lewis will be the focus of discussion on the Raven’s side of the ball with this being his final NFL game.  And I’m tempted to press mute on the TV whenever one of these subjects comes up.

As for Colin Kaepernick, remember Tim Tebow and the “Tebowing” sensation.  Tebow led his team to the AFC divisional round (where they got killed by the Patriots), then got bumped to being a backup for a sub-par team in New York.  I’m not saying Kaepernick’s story will be exactly the same, but every Cinderella story has it’s end and for Colin Kaepernick, the story ends here.  Ray Lewis and the Ravens will be too much for this young QB to handle and soon, Kaepernick might just be a backup again.

Pressure. Unbelievable Pressure.

University of Wyoming logo (photo courtesy of Alan Levine/flickr)

University of Wyoming logo (photo courtesy of Alan Levine/flickr)

We’ve all been there.  Our team has one last chance to win the game and the kicker is on the field.  Unbelievable pressure on that one man.  Nathan Noble is no stranger to pressure, though.

I commend his service for this country.  I thank him for it.  I commend his efforts for pursuing an education and wanting to walk on at Wyoming, but lets be honest.  Wyoming hasn’t been a powerhouse in college football for quite some time with only four winning seasons since 2000.  If you really want to try to make a name for yourself, go somewhere other than Wyoming.

And a kicker?  If you wanted to be the leader on the field, go with QB.  The kicker has a lot of pressure, but the kicker is definitely not the leader of a football team.  In Wyoming’s history, only one kicker has been drafted.  Good luck, Nathan.  At least you can deal with the pressure.

Eight Year Ban for Nine Years of Lying? Get Real.

Caricature of Lance Armstrong (photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey/flickr)

Caricature of Lance Armstrong (photo courtesy of DonkeyHotey/flickr)

With Lance Armstrong finally admitting to his history of doping, those  who defended him are starting to feel the consequences.  Rick Reilly discusses his own experience here.  And now, it’s up to the USADA to decide if Armstrong will be allowed to compete again.

Armstrong started all this with a simple denial back in 2004.  And yet, Armstrong feels he should get his lifetime ban reduced so he can compete again? Come on, man!  You lie through the teeth for nearly a decade and expect to be able to compete again just because you decided to tell the truth?

The worst part about all this is the millions of children who he crushed during the entire situation.  So many kids looked up to Armstrong and his cancer fighting foundation, Livestrong.  At least the foundation is out of his hands now and will be able to continue on helping fuel the fight against cancer and not have some phony as its face.