Code of Ethics

Honest-I will be honest to myself and those around me.

Loyal-I will be loyal to those around me

Respect-Do unto others what you would do for yourself

Care-for everyone around you

Commend-give credit where it’s due

Transparent-be truthful and open to criticism

Effort-give 100% no matter what

Accurate-do not write anything that is not 100% true

Quality-always put the best work forward

The infield represents what I do not only for myself, but also those around me.  The catcher keeps the batter honest, framing the zone.  The pitcher is loyal to the catcher, the only players that practice exclusively together.  The outfield goes hand-in-hand with one another.  When turning a 6-4-3 double play, you have to commend, care and show respect for the other person.  The third baseman may seem transparent at times, but is always ready at the hot corner.